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Consultancy Services

ASSI’s has a team of experienced executives with many years of experience in the aviation industry. It offers personalized consultancy services tailored to its clients’ needs on a wide spectrum of aviation and non aviation-related areas, directly or through our extensive network of associates:

Technical Solutions & Project Management

New aircraft - this includes establishing the configuration of new aircraft for owners or operators; associated project budgeting; management of any production line changes including where applicable the incorporation of buyer furnished equipment; production assembly inspection and subsequent technical and commercial acceptance of the aircraft delivery on behalf of the owner or operator.


Used aircraft - this includes aircraft assessment; lease or ownership transition project planning and budgeting; sourcing of products and services to support the transition project and; managing the subsequent aircraft maintenance, modification and repair work on behalf of owners or operators as well as obtain the necessary certification.

Establishment of aviation and non aviation related businesses in Philippines. ASSI’s extensive regulatory experience and connections with different government agencies enables clients to open companies without any delays and legal issues.

Contractual & Financial Guidance

Assessing and performing the risk study of a transaction for investors, including but not limited to aircraft evaluation, contracts review, maintenance reserves calculations, future risk analysis and marketability.


Performing asset and lease management services on a fleet of aircraft which includes the full administration of the technical and commercial covenants described in the respective lease agreement on behalf of the owner as well as routine airline audits and aircraft inspections.

Organizational & Operational Assistance

From performing feasibility studies for new operators or facilities, to performing the functions of any senior management personnel for an existing operation to effect a change programme. Providing personnel to assist, either on a short term basis or a long term basis, the operation of an operator or support facility.

Negotiation Support

We can offer support for sourcing new or used aircraft and associated products and services; supporting the negotiation of purchase agreements for aircraft and associated products and services and; organizing the purchase or sale of used aircraft


Marketing & Strategic Awareness

Development of a business marketing strategy to sourcing airline customers or routes.

Analyzing marketing data and assistance in assembling the right strategy for market penetration.

Production of Aircraft Maintenance Training Aids

ASSI ventures in design and production of aircraft maintenance training aids to enhance the capabilities of aircraft mechanic school in providing skill based education to future aviation maintenance technicians.


The training aids designed by ASSI is in accordance with the level of teaching required by FAR 147 and CAR Part 3 making it the only aviation company in Philippines to Produce CAR Part 3 Approved Training Aids.


These training aids enhances the teaching level of aviation school instructors and learning outcome. These training aids also incorporates laboratory manuals, instructor’s guide and student manuals.

Aircraft Painting and  Upholestery

ASSI’s experienced and highly trained aircraft painters can be deployed anytime anywhere in Philippines for painting jobs. In addition, ASSI offers painting design and paint specification suited to customer needs and requirements together with aircraft upholstery.

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